You don't sleep as a result of being alive, you are alive because you sleep, the human body and its evolution has created a unique and most powerful cellular regeneration mechanism, SLEEP.

33% of our time we sleep, it is during sleep that your liver detoxifies, your brain cleanses and stores your memories, your heart rests, your gut repairs, your hormones balance and cell regeneration is maximized.

Due to the factors of “modern” life along with our eating habits and current stress levels, we choose to sacrifice or break sleep, the solution has been to “sedate” ourselves with drugs that do not faithfully replicate the processes of sleep, or we do not get the sleep we need, the body and your cells that make it suffer, with enough time deprived of sleep and a cascade of conditions will begin to appear.

At Xtend Optimal Health we believe that there is no optimal health without optimal sleep, we specialize in advanced sleep optimization strategies, protocols and supplements for true cellular regeneration.

Access advanced sleep optimization through our 360 consultation where we will custom design a program to maximize your sleep and therefore cellular regeneration.

better sleep
better sleep
better sleep


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