They are part of step 3 of our Beyond A Test care plan.

Use data from your consultation and testing in procedures to optimize your health.
This treatment uses your regenerative powers to help your body replenish and repair tissues that have been damaged or affected by disease.
Our serum therapies provide your body and mind with what they need to reduce cellular damage, increase energy production, support muscle health, and promote relaxation.
Scar release therapy can help repair the disruption and restore the flow of communication so that our skin and fascia can heal and return to vigor.
The combination of ultraviolet and ozone blood irradiation therapy augments the biological activity of the blood cells, which increases the effects of immune stimulation. This approach also helps to eradicate bacteria, fungi, viruses, and support the treatment of cancer.
Extracorporeal blood ozone and oxygenation (EBOO) infuses ozone and into the bloodstream, enhancing your health and vitality.
Red light therapy raises energy levels, reduces pain and discomfort from swelling, and promotes a balanced mood.
Non-invasive electromagnetic pulse therapy relieves pain and promotes the rapid healing of injuries and other impairments.


Supplementation fills in the gaps in your diet to ensure you get the vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients you need to function optimally.
Hyperbaric oxygen therapy increases oxygenation in your tissues and bodily fluids by up to 10 times the normal range to optimize your natural metabolic processes.
The combination of vitamins and amino acids can help and minimize muscle loss and improve athletic performance.
Ozone is found naturally in the body. Our white blood cells produce ozone in response to pathogenic viruses, bacteria, and fungi. Major autohemotherapy uses ozone to stimulate your immune response and provide further protection against these pathogens.
We coach you to push you beyond what you thought possible as an athlete. We guide you on your health and wellness journey and help you live a more fulfilling life.
Our emotions can produce palpable physical effects that can limit our potential. Bio-emotional release therapy helps us detect and eliminate these blockages.
Hyperthermic ozone and carbonic acid transdermal technology (HOCATT™) is an advanced technology used to create a comprehensive detoxification and rejuvenation treatment.
Brain photobiomodulation therapy can increase blood flow, improve metabolic functions, stimulate the creation of new cells, and provide protection to the brain.


And start optimizing your health and life.
This therapy restores hormonal balance and promotes longevity.
Our sports compression therapy restores the flow of fluids within the circulatory and lymphatic system helping the body recover from stress.


Our medical offices use the most advanced technology to ensure that our patients receive the most accurate and up-to-date care.