The death rate from weight problems has tripled since 1975, and eating disorders are affecting even more people.

But weight itself is an empty measure. In essence, it is only through our habits and behaviors, our emotional relationship with food, and the power of our hormones that we can access our ideal weight. What little is said about weight toxicity is that your fat cells, the ones that hold fat, have the additional job of holding toxins from what we eat, drink and breathe. Detoxifying your cells in a real way, optimizing your hormonal function, learning habits and reaching your ideal weight will be an easier path.

At Xtend Optimal Health we have cellular regeneration strategies and protocols for hormone optimization, advanced detoxification and specialized coaching in sports and functional nutrition.

Access your weight through our 360° consultation where we will design a personalized cellular regeneration program dedicated to finding your ideal weight.

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ideal weight
ideal weight


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