360° Medical Consultation at Xtend Optimal Health: A Holistic Approach to Your Health

Get a comprehensive medical diagnosis at Xtend Optimal Health’s Medical Consultation 360°
We stand out for its comprehensive approach to healthcare. It doesn’t limit itself to merely treating the symptoms of an illness; its primary goal is to uncover and address the underlying causes of health issues.
This philosophy is based on a methodology backed by modern science that focuses on the patient. Xtend Optimal Health’s 360° Medical Consultation centers on genetic composition, biochemistry, and the patient’s lifestyle to create personalized treatment plans and achieve optimal health outcomes through a medical diagnosis.

Xtend’s 360° Medical Consultation: An Innovative Proposition

Xtend’s 360° Medical Consultation is a unique offering that combines traditional medicine with wellness and biohacking techniques.

During a 3 to 4-hour session, a series of advanced tests are conducted, including live blood analysis, cellular voltage tests, emotional factor assessments, metabolic rate analysis, and oxidative stress evaluations. These analyses provide a profound understanding of the patient’s health.

Advanced Examinations in the 360° Medical Consultation

Live Blood Sample Analysis

Live blood analysis is performed using just a single drop of blood placed under a specialized microscope.

This technique offers detailed insights into the body’s functioning, from oxygen levels to nutrient transport efficiency. It’s not just a diagnosis; it’s a way to gain valuable information on how lifestyle changes can improve short-term well-being and long-term quality of life.

Cellular Voltage Measurement

Cellular voltage measurement is a crucial aspect of Xtend’s 360° Medical Consultation. Using the “Tennant Biomodulator” device, the acupuncture meridians, which are the body’s “electric strings,” are accurately examined.

This analysis identifies areas with inadequate energy levels, allowing for more effective and personalized treatments.

Emotional Assessment

The connection between emotions and health is increasingly evident.

Emotional factor assessment examines how emotional stress can manifest in physical symptoms. These results are essential for developing personalized strategies to help patients manage stress more effectively.

Oxidative Stress Evaluation

Oxidative stress is a key factor in aging and chronic diseases. Xtend Optimal Health’s 360° Medical Consultation evaluates how the body manages oxidative damage caused by free radicals. It also assesses antioxidant reserve capabilities, which are crucial for long-term health.

Bioenergy Test

Xtend’s Bio-Well device allows for precise measurements of the body’s bioenergy, providing valuable insights into stress and energy balance.

This enables daily progress monitoring and helps identify influences on well-being, such as changes in situations and stimuli.

Body Composition Test Using Bioimpedance

This analysis offers a more accurate body composition assessment, including lean muscle mass and fat. It’s especially useful for optimizing their health and physical fitness.

Specialized Tests on Blood, Urine, and Epigenetics

Optionally, Xtend Optimal Health collaborates with specialized laboratories to provide metabolic tests, assess the gut microbiome, detect genetic variations, and measure NAD (Nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide) levels.

This contributes to a comprehensive report on biological aging, providing a complete view of the patient’s health.

Key Results and Benefits from 360 ° Medical Consultation

Detailed Results

Xtend Optimal Health’s 360° Medical Consultation doesn’t just stop at conducting advanced tests; it also provides detailed results.

Each examination offers an in-depth view of the patient’s health, allowing Xtend’s healthcare professionals to identify issues and areas for improvement precisely.

These results serve as the starting point for designing personalized treatment plans.

Identification of Underlying Issues

One of the highlights of the 360° Medical Consultation is its ability to identify underlying problems that often go unnoticed in conventional medical exams.

This is essential for addressing the root causes of health issues rather than just surface symptoms.

Personalized Treatment Plans

Xtend Optimal Health professionals design personalized treatment plans based on the examination results.

These plans take into account genetic composition and the individual needs of each patient, making them more effective and prevention-focused for long-term health.

Continuous Monitoring

The 360° Medical Consultation goes beyond obtaining results and designing treatment plans. It offers continuous health monitoring, allowing for ongoing progress assessment and treatment adjustments as needed.

Healthcare becomes a dynamic and evolving process, ensuring patients receive appropriate care at all times.

The Importance of Comprehensive Diagnosis

A comprehensive medical diagnosis, like the one offered by Xtend Optimal Health through the 360° Medical Consultation, is essential for effectively addressing health issues. The aspects that define its importance include:


Comprehensive diagnoses are more precise than traditional medical assessments. Detailed results enable healthcare professionals to fully understand a patient’s health status and make informed treatment decisions.


Identifying underlying issues before they become serious is a significant advantage of a comprehensive medical diagnosis. Prevention is key to maintaining optimal long-term health.


Each person is unique, and a comprehensive approach allows for personalized healthcare. Treatment plans are tailored to each patient’s needs, ensuring a practical, patient-centered approach.

The 360° Consultation represents an innovative approach to medical diagnosis. It goes beyond traditional tests, incorporating advanced analyses and a methodology based on modern science.

If you seek high-quality healthcare and optimize your health, don’t skimp on medical diagnosis and consider Xtend Optimal Health’s 360° Medical Consultation.
Your health is an invaluable investment, and this service provides the tools to care for it in the best possible way.